Breakfast In Lawrenceburg

Just this morning I was walking into the local library when I was stopped by an out of town couple interested in finding a nice place for breakfast. Sadly I couldn’t think of a good Mom and Pop diner in downtown Lawrenceburg.

Thus began my quest for a local dive meeting the following criteria:

  • It must be clean. I don’t mean that it should smell like a Johnson & Johnson convention, but that when you put your arms on the table (forgive me, Miss Manners) you do not become one with the Formica.
  • The owner must be a resident of the community. No chains of monotony nor franchised insta-junk, please! Just an independently owned and operated diner.
  • Breakfast must consist of more than over-sized muffins and 100 coffee choices. Various incarnations of eggs with meaty ham, crisp bacon, and local goetta (kind of like scrapple, only different!) are a must. Ah – homemade biscuits would be a delight!! Fresh fruit – a miracle!
  • And the wait service – table service only. None of this standing in front of impatient counter staff while staring up at a plastic sign with no clue as to what to order. Instead a waiter or waitress would arrive, silverware and ice water in hand – ready to offer coffee and describe the day’s specials before being asked.

The toughest decision to be made is that of location. In my search for the absolute meaning of “local”, I discovered that everyone has their own idea of what that word actually denotes. Therefore, I have decided that my personal definition of “local” will reflect time rather than miles and will be limited to 45 minutes from the site of my inspiration – the Lawrenceburg Public Library .

So, off I go to discover local breakfast destinations. I will return next week with a slight coffee-buzz and news of omelets, hot cakes and sausages, as well as a temporary increase in my LDL!

One thought on “Breakfast In Lawrenceburg”

  1. Now, IF you had been closer to me, you could have found such a breakfast at the Sherman House Restaurant and Inn in Batesville, OR Crossroads Family Restaurant in Versalles! (:
    BTW, I had blueberry pancakes at a change pancake place recently and they rated a 2 vs. the #10 blueberry pankcakes at Crossroads–they are FABULOUS!!! Oh, maybe I’ll have some for lunch… (:


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