To Know and Be Known

As I drink my coffee and prepare for a hectic weekend, I want to share these quiet thoughts with you.

A dear friend recently sent a moving email to me. It was one of those meaningful-with-a-message emails that you read and then send on to your e-friends, who for the most part, will share it with their e-friends.

The point of this particular email was that an elderly man never missed having breakfast with his wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Even though she no longer knew who he was, he remained faithful and committed, explaining, “I still know who she is.”

From this simple statement, I began thinking about the people I continue to love and miss and wonder about. It’s no matter that some have died, a few have drifted away, and many have simply replaced actual communication with the intention to communicate. I still know them and carry them in my heart.

Isn’t that what we all look for spiritually, as well? To maintain through faith the belief that we are known always and cherished forever.

Parents pass away, friends move on, and even our children become distant with the busy-ness of living. There is a need to trust that someone, something, some entity¬† ‘Out There’ will always be sitting at the breakfast table with smiling eyes and ready ear, looking for our arrival. Anticipating and joyous and loving.

As we travel about today and into the next week and month and year, what if each of us could take just a minute to remind someone that we still know them and that they are important to us? Loving is not a passive thing. It is vibrant and invigorating and full of laughter. Maybe we can pick up the phone or send a postcard or personally deliver a bouquet of flowers to someone we love and treasure.

We can be the committed soul who explains, “I still know you; I still remember you.”

Your comments are always appreciated.

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