Fresh Air and Sunshine – Inside and Out

This coming Saturday, June 9th is National Get Outdoors Day – and the possibilities are endless!

How will you use this 24 hour excuse to get out of the house and into the world? Hanging laundry on a clothesline? Walking on a paved trail at the community park? Donning boots, bug spray and a floppy hat for a hike in the woods? Or grabbing some fried chicken and dining under the sky?

From drive-in movies to Ranger-led forestry programs, this weekend can overflow with fun. The trick is getting out there – wherever ‘there’ might be – and experiencing life. But just like everyone else, too often I find myself typing in front of a computer screen, or making yet another to-do list, or driving to the same places as I mark off each errand while glancing at the clock.

It’s incredible that we live in communities that have so much to offer, and yet Exhilaration is always at the bottom of our lists after Tasks and Chores and Stuff. Even as I write this, I am fully aware of looming deadlines, unfinished chores and ongoing projects. The business of living includes plenty of obligations that cannot be wished away, and the demands of family, career and basic sanitation are very real.  But what would happen if we didn’t mop that floor, or pick up that dry cleaning, or take the same route to the grocery store as we take every week?

Often our most accessible excursion is curling up on the couch to watch a favorite movie, or reading a chapter or two of a great book. But what if we invite our beloveds, ask our cherished friends, and include our neighbors in an Adventure!

What if we take charge of our calendar for just one day?

This Saturday is a perfect opportunity to escape the brain-numbing fog of the computer and the energy-zapping routine of to-do lists.

Begin the day by dressing comfortably, not glancing at anything electronic, ignoring the ringing phone, and locking the door on your way outside. Joy, delight, adventure and fun are yours for the taking!

Breathe in, relax and grin –

Dum loquimur, fugerit invida
Aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero


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