A Poem A Day … YIKES!

As many of you may already know, April is National Poetry Month.  There are all kinds of wonderful literary pursuits available to the serious writer and to the word-dabbler.

One option is NaPoWriMo.

What is this!? Well, it is an invitation to write one poem each day during the month of April.

Feeling brave? looking for a challenge?

Jump right in – and do not fret about the perfection of the work.

Here is a friendly hand reaching out to you and a sincere grin welcoming you to have fun with poetry.

Daily fun!

I will be fearless and will begin with a poem written right this very second, completely off the cuff at 10:55pm on April 1st …

Ten Fifty-Five

My eyes slip and slide

My head fills with down

Soft and wifty and not unlike a pillow’s stuffing

But the keyboard hums and clicks

A garish light commands

And I find myself making poetry from hours and minutes blinking

Silent anxiety that comes from a task undone

A life incomplete

A poem asleep underneath a coverlet of useless words.


There it is – my first poem of April!


And now it’s your turn – only be sure to tag your creations with NaPoWriMo so it can be found by other like-minded pals!

Until tomorrow …

Your comments are always appreciated.

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