Another Day – Another (strange?) Poem!

So, day three of thirty, and here I am – ready to write a Stravinsky-esque poem.

Oh, did I hear you sigh? Do I see eyes rolling about in your head and your hands reaching for your ears?

Well, it’s just one of those nights. I’m in a great mood, I was given real coffee instead of decaf at dinner – and I have a great lyrical experiment in my head just for you.

In Love With Words

Ivory paper kisses black ink

The silver nib dances

Twirls, scrolls, pirouettes

The touch of the coarse paper

Softened, now fluid with purpose

What once was blind



Now grasps the words

Too long silenced within

Expresses everything

Too much, too fast the paper drenched with ink

Colors black and red, green and blue,

Too much

The pores of the paper, the intensity of the pigment are no longer melody



Ink-rich words drip and blend, struggle and falter

Into a mottled, spotty discord

Of turns and twists, leaps and


The pen is spent

The paper limp and lost

What once had meaning, beauty, clarity

Is now scribbled, stilled and silenced

A written voice submerged under noise

Your comments are always appreciated.

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