Blooms Gone Mad!

Wow – I am spoiled by spring! My desk is right in front of a curtain-free window, so I can watch the seasons burst and shower and freeze their way through the year.

Over the last few days, I’ve watched our star magnolia slowly transform from a drab silhouette into fuzzy-buds of possibility, and today those first delightfully pink hints of Spring thrilled me.

In honor of this lovely day, I am writing a poem aptly named:

Fresh Day

Early morning and the chill embraces me

Cold fingers of a silent breeze skim across my face

I sip black coffee, eyes still glazed

With the soft blue-green of liquid dreams

Orange, pink and treasured gold

Dawn’s slow smile greets me

The weeping cherry with empty arms of brown buds lined with pink,

A gift from winter’s passing

Love-sick finches build their home ignoring April’s nip

They greet the world and watch me stare

Into the eastern glow that’s not quite night and not yet day

Your comments are always appreciated.

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