Workshops, Recipes and Poems

Another late night and I am behind in all things writing-oriented. Does the fact that I went to a writing workshop this weekend offset the fact that I am off-schedule for the Poem-A-Day? Does the focus on one kind of writing justify the absence of another kind of writing?

Nope – I didn’t really think so, either, but it would be great if writing commitments were interchangeable! Just think – it would be like eating dark chocolate instead of salad and saying, “Well, it was a food, so that’s just about the same thing. Right?”

Well, in my world, no meal is complete without some veggies and no dessert is complete without some calories – so I am going to mix up a batch of writing workshop snippets into a tasty poetic concoction I will call

Blending All the Bits

Stand in line, take a seat

We’re about to start

Hone your craft, learn your trade

These authors will impart


The purpose of a query

The fun of a re-write

Avoid, Be Sure and Never

And make that writing tight!


Romance, Sci-Fi and textbooks

Begin with just a thought

So research, write and edit

No need to be distraught


Words are one with passion

And passion comes from heart

But writing is a business

A language-rich flow chart


Of dollars, cents and Euros

(Foreign rights are oh so nice!)

So create, submit and balance

Your art with sound advice


And there you have it … all you ever needed to glean from a writing workshop in one easily digestible poem!

Until tomorrow!

I hope …








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