A to Z and Back Again !

Join the Challenge!
Join the Challenge!

Hello Readers,

As you know, I have been less than a dedicated blogger, but the Blogging from A to Z Challenge invites everyone, even slackers like myself, to post just a short piece every day inspired by a different letter of the alphabet throughout April – every day except Sundays, that is.

Thanks to my wonderful daughter-in-law ( http://sweetteareads.blogspot.com/ ), I have boldly jumped into the fray of daily blogging – begining with the letter A.  I go into this knowing that each day’s entry might not be the finest writing I’ve ever done, but it will be the basic act of writing, of posting, of sharing a snippet of life that matters most.

So share the link with friends, grab a big glass of sweet tea, stretch those fingers and type away!

A is for ACTION

Last night was wild with adventure – dreams of complicated houses and racing cars, staccato conversations and flitting characters.  Those reckless dream-plots and frantic imaginary searches came from too much daily planning and too little real-life accomplishment.

But what the night lacked in peaceful slumber, it more than made up for in morning resolution.


Waking up to sunshine and fresh coffee, I vowed to walk away from stale procrastination, fuzzy intentions and someday promises that wilt away like fragile blossoms in a vase.  This oath, made even before discovering Sweet Tea Reads’ link to the blogging challenge, demands an absolute shift in focus. Instead of being a ToDo person, I must become a HaveDone and WorkingOn person. Only through action is there satisfaction, pride, energy, gratitude, inspiration and yes – restful sleep.

So with that in mind, I venture forth to do something of note each day. To take action each day.


Happily enough, today’s actions will include blogging, shopping for Easter goodies from Graeter’s, a sunny walk, and a quiet evening catching up on critiques and reading.

What do you plan to do today, this weekend, this Spring? Are you a procrastinator or a Oh-it’s-done-already person? What do you most want or need to accomplish? How do you plan to finish that task or complete that plan?

I wish you happy action-taking! Let me know how you’re meeting your goals!

6 thoughts on “A to Z and Back Again !”

    1. Thank goodness for challenges, friends and fellow writers. Without the dreaded deadline, I know that I would surely be writing every day, but without form or purpose – or completion!! Best of luck to you with the Blogging A to Z Challenge!


    1. I hope that every day I accomplish at least one BIG thing and lots of little things – instead of one tiny task most of the time. Ahh – the good intentions that come with the return of spring!


    1. It is a great feeling to let go of the old, isn’t it? I think the entire house gives a satisfied groan, as if leaden weights are being removed, once the getting-rid-of begins. Have fun re-discovering your house!.


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