G is for Greek

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Have I mentioned that I really enjoy my work?

Well, today was one of those especially delicious days when writing, photography and food all came together in one place – The Big Greek Cafe in Harrison, Ohio.

I have been a fan of Greek food since I was … well, forever. My mother would cook variations on dolmadas (the grape leaf delights) and bake kourabethdes (those powdered sugar wonders) every Christmas. For more than 30 years, my parents, my son, his wife, my husband and I have had the good fortune to experience the Palm Sunday and Mother’s Day luncheons, as well as the Festival at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in always-beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. If you have the chance to go, please do. It’s a good sized event, but feels like being in the middle of a really big family dinner. Come early and come hungry – they’ve been known to sell out of some of the favorites like spanakopeta and moussaka. There is music, dancing and tables groaning with desserts.

Fortunately for those of you living and working near Harrison, Ohio, you needn’t pack your bags for a road trip to Western North Carolina, Cincinnati or Indianapolis – authentic Greek lunches and dinners are just around the corner.

The food is delicious and attractive. The owner Dimitri Evangelou and his staff are friendly, obviously knowledgeable, and nice if you ask about the proper pronunciation of anything on the menu. Dimitri is gregarious so you really do feel welcomed the minute you walk in the door. He is very proud of his Greek heritage and that shows in his preparation of everything on the menu.

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Do you love Greek foods? Or do you prefer Korean? Italian? When is the last time you went to a new restaurant? Are you adventurous, or do you look for the tried and true?

Like any small enterprise, the owner’s attitude is the heartbeat of the business,

but it is the customers who are the life force.

Please remember to look for – and to choose – local business. 

And an ethical note here – I decided to write about this new restaurant on my very first visit, with no thought of compensation of any kind. I am sharing information about this particular restaurant because I really do love Greek food.

Although I paid for most of the foods shown on this blog post, I did receive two desserts and one beverage gratis.

I assure you, I would have written about this great place regardless, but I just thought that you, The Reader, might like to know the whole story.

8 thoughts on “G is for Greek”

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by. Isn’t this Blogging Challenge terrific? I am having a good time connecting with many new writers, cooks, Greek food fans …
      As far as cooking delicious and gorgeous Greek food – I, too, have tried and mostly failed. I have the cookbooks and the desire – but sadly enough – I lack that special something that makes the diner sit back in his/her chair and say, “Wow.”
      Thank goodness for Mr. Evangelou and his extended family-restaurateurs!


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