S is for Surf

AtoZ S2015

I love the shore and the mountains, but the ocean might be even more precious to me than the Smokies. The seaside is where I come from since I grew up near Atlantic City – before the gambling, before the noise and commotion, and before the too-big-buildings got in the way of the beautiful sea.

It’s been a very long time since I walked along the New Jersey shore, but I have vivid memories of playing in the clean sand and splashing in the salty water. I loved every minute spent near the ocean, and still feel best whenever I am near water.

In celebration of Earth Day, and in honor of today’s letter S, join me in South Carolina where the surf is calling our names, and the beaches are waiting for us.

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8 thoughts on “S is for Surf”

  1. I live very close to the Jersey shore and I feel the same way. When I was little we always went to Wildwood on vacation and I knew the minute I could smell the sea air through the opened window that vacation was starting! Even now, that scent relaxes me. All my vacation destinations involve water, especially the ocean.


    1. Oh how lovely – you described it perfectly. I understand that feeling, that soul-deep recognition of a need to return to the sea. Even now, as soon as that first hint of ocean scent, shoreside light – siren call, perhaps – as soon as I know we are close, I open all of the windows and almost weep with joy. Just being near the water permeates my very being with calm.


    1. Wow – that’s great! We lived on a lake, so there was plenty of swimming and ice skating as well as year round trips to the shore. I still love the ocean best in the winter. It can get so frigid, the salty spray freezes and mixes with the swirling sand – blowing the tiniest pellets of cold sea against red cheeks.

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      1. I’ve been wanting to see the ocean in winter, but didn’t make it down this year. Maybe next winter. I’ve always wanted to see the beach and ocean on a sunny winter day.


      2. It’s so much bigger in the winter than summer – far fewer people make for more sand and sky! Do be prepared, though – quite often you’ll have to search for an open restaurant. Most places close until the season resumes in late spring. We try to plan ahead with a Thermos of cocoa and a basket of sandwiches – oh, and warm blankets! Brrrrrr.

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