T is for Tea

AtoZ T2015

Tea is a cup of life. ~ Author Unknown

Tea warms our chilled souls in February, and cools our sweaty brows in August. As southern as sweetea, or as exotic as hand rolled jasmine pearl tea, this refreshing elixir has quenched thirst for thousands of years.

We clasp bone china cups, becoming dizzy with the fragrance. We lean against porch rails, guzzling cold relief from plastic cups.

No matter how we prefer our tea; no matter the time of year or even the century, such a deceivingly simple mixture of fresh water and dried leaves, grasses and blooms, delights and inspires us.

Ahhh …

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7 thoughts on “T is for Tea”

    1. What a great way for you to enjoy some tea … with UT! One of my dearest friends is wild about those Vols – being a Tennessee native, she really never had a choice, did she? Here’s to Tennessee orange pekoe tea and friendship!

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