V is for Vector

AtoZ V2015


“quantity having magnitude and direction,” 1704, from Latin vector “one who carries or conveys, carrier,” from past participle stem of vehere “carry,convey” (see vehicle ).

“vector.” Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 26 Apr. 2015. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vector>.

A couple of years ago, we spent hours above Luken Airport watching this vintage B-29 perform touch-and-go’s. It’s a shame I didn’t capture the massive roar of the engines, easily heard even at a distance.

In the future, I’ll post some of the nearly 700 pictures I took that day – many of which show a variety of WWII aircraft in flight. Certainly these few frames cannot do the B-29 justice.

What a beautiful design.

What a tremendous piece of machinery.

What an incredible part of history.

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