Reflection After the Challenge

AtoZ 2015 Reflections

The Blogging A to Z Challenge has officially ended. We Bloggers have been asked to share some of our thoughts, suggestions and lessons learned with the masses, and I am happy to oblige.

As a first-time Challenge participant, I went into this hoping to figure out how to write every day at the same time. It sounds so tidy and complete. Well, unsurprisingly, that did not happen, but I did learn that I can prioritize my personal writing – up to a level just under my professional writing – and that was indeed surprising.

Another exciting benefit was being exposed to a wide variety of new and different blogs. I learned from each blog’s content as much as I learned from the organization, the presentation, the length and the feel. I connected with bloggers I never even knew existed, and whose sites I would never have had time to search out without that handy Challenge List.

And I succeeded in completing thirty days of almost daily blogging. There were lessons in that, as well. I have to admit that I love pressure, I hate to let others down and I thrive on deadlines. I discovered that I have even more ideas for future blog posts, magazine articles and books than I thought I did – and that’s an awful lot!

My only request, suggestion, observation is that it would be terrific if similar challenges could be shared on the Blogging A to Z Challenge website. I am excited about this approach to blogging – motivation through sheer terror of missing a deadline – and look forward to participating in future challenges, in particular A2Z 2016 !

In closing, I have to thank the co-hosts, the facilitators – the folks who do the work of making this Challenge such fun for the rest of us while keeping up with their own blogs, work, lives. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Reflection After the Challenge”

  1. *bangs head repeatedly on desk* See, this is what I get for multi-tasking! Can I blame the size of my screen? I was catching up on my phone and saw ‘Home’ and my mind went to Shawn from ‘Down Home Thoughts’. Clearly, you’re not Shawn and I need my sight testing! Sorry, Susan. The coffee is on me for my blunder! 😉


    1. Oh, don’t fret and don’t put any bruises on your forehead! I was at a meeting last week and kept referring to another member by the wrong name. I just had that particular moniker in my head and there wasn’t anything to do about it! Hmm – the workings of our brains …

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      1. I was once in a meeting and the chair person kept referring to me as Alison, which sounds nothing like Melissa, but I obviously reminded him of somebody. It was probably cruel not to correct him, especially as those who knew me gave me a sideways glance every time!


      2. Yes – the question arises as to when to correct and when not to correct at all. In my case, I was pulled to the side by someone else after the meeting concluded and was informed of my blunder. I felt like a moe-ron, but would it have been so much better to have been told sooner? I have no idea.

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  2. My experience echoed yours. I had a great time, and will definitely take part next year. I’m still making the rounds and trying to catch up, but that’s part of the process I guess, and it means the fun lasts longer 🙂 Great work completing the challenge.


    1. I am so glad to hear you had fun with this. And congratulations for completing the Challenge even as you catch-up! I’m glad to have found your blog, and hope that the long list of participants continues to be available to us since I haven’t had enough time to visit as many blogs as I had planned.

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      1. Thanks, Shawn. I’m sure the list will be open for a while – everyone is in the same boat and can finally catch up now things are quieter! If you’re taking part in the coffee share this weekend, I’ll probably catch up with you then 😀


      2. I’m going to attempt to join the coffee share, schedule permitting, but if there, will certainly look for you! Oh, and my name is actually Susan! It’s that blasted letter S – so versatile, so prolific!!


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