POP QUIZ! Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

real-neat-blog-awardThe coffee-drinking and language-loving Melissa Barker-Simpson has nominated this blog for the Real Neat Blog Award. I appreciate this compliment very much; to be nominated is surprising and flattering and great fun for me because I actually like taking tests, and the following requisite questions are not unlike a pop quiz! (Yes, I am rather odd.)

So, armed with a canister full of of No.2 pencils and a tall stack of yellow legal pads, here are the questions and the answers:

What is the #1 most played song on your iPod (or other listening device)?

  • I love all kinds of music and listen to everything from hip hop to 1940s swing, and classic country to opera – so it is impossible to name only one – but a song that is especially lovely is My Funny Valentine, sung by Eileen Farrell. If you think the song begins slowly, just wait – it slips into a simmering, romantic, sensual, loving ode, and then builds into a celebration!  Masterfull!

What is one of your favourite quotes?

  • What is it about reading quotes from other people that soothes or inspires? We go through our lives learning and experiencing more than enough to write our own words of wisdom, but Plato, Shakespeare and Benjamin Franklin so often express these same insights succinctly and prettily, This quote from Isak Dineson is actually one of my mother’s favorites. I share it in honor of her and Mother’s Day and because it’s a quote for all seasons of the heart –

The cure for anything is saltwater; sweat, tears or the sea.

If you were immortal for one day, what would you do?

  • Hmmm … Two possibilities come to mind, the first is based on my frustrating fear of heights. I would presumably be fearless at last, so I would crawl all over the worst bridges with a structural engineer, and we would talk about the design, the mechanics, the business of bridges and I could see and touch and learn about every detail with an expert.
  • The second idea is a bit sci-fi, but since I am immortal, who’s to say what is or isn’t possible in a 24 hour period? Therefore, I would donate every possible organ to the sickest patients time and time and time again. The thinking is that if I am immortal, then my physical body would have to be capable of repairing itself repeatedly and quickly – making fresh, new, fully operational organs in a jiffy! It would be a great way to give some of these horrible diseases and illnesses a good sock in the eye!

What’s the most recent movie/book you’ve seen/read? Tell us about it.

What have you always wanted to study (but never had the time)?

  • Although not a study, per se, I have always wanted to learn how to surf. Like on a surf board. Like in California or Hawaii or someplace gorgeous and daunting and wildly fun!
  • Academically, I have always wanted to learn a multitude of languages – from Latin to Portuguese to American Sign Language and Braille. I can limp along in French and Spanish, but not well enough to venture beyond the basics – Je m’appelle Susan. Or the always popular; No es un buen dia? {I can’t flip a question mark at the beginning of the question – oops!}

And with that, I have completed the questionnaire!


Thank you again, Melissa Barker-Simpson. I appreciate the nomination and I am excited to nominate the following talented and quite nice bloggers for the Real Neat Blog Award: Anabel’s Travel Blog, Cynthia M Voss and Sweet Tea Reads.

Your pop quiz (AKA nomination) questions are below – Have fun!

  1. When did you last feel courageous? Describe the circumstances and if/how it changed you, even if it impacted you just a little.
  2. Sweet or savoury – and why? Bonus Points for sharing your favorite recipe.
  3. When did you first begin blogging? Which early post (or posts) would you most want people to read?
  4. Create your very own word, complete with definition, and use it in a sentence.
  5. And for the sake of tradition – if you could have one super power … nope, let’s make this a generous question … if you could keep two superpowers and give one duplicate power to a friend, what would they be and who would get which powers?

5 thoughts on “POP QUIZ! Real Neat Blog Award Nomination”

  1. Thanks for the nomination. Your questions are hard! I’ll have to think about them. I have answers to another challenge coming up next week, so maybe after that inspiration will strike!


    1. Oh, I’m sorry to bombard you with tough questions! I thought these would be a little different, a little fun. Certainly take all the time to contemplate them as you’d like – it will be wonderfully nice to read your inspired replies!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You aced the pop quiz! I really enjoyed your answers. Both options for the immortal question are great, because we got to see how and why you would utilize the gift for a day. Regenerating organs is fantastic, and would make an excellent story 🙂 I too would like to learn more languages. I’ve been meaning to restudy French for a number of years. Love the quote – thanks for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

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