Absence Makes the Heart …

… ache, actually.


Dear Readers,

I apologize for my inactivity, but have been spending as much time as possible with my parents who live about 400 miles away. My father was ill, but has recovered and is doing quite well physically. However, my beloved mother passed away last month, and while I have been celebrating her release and remembering her lessons, I have also been grieving her absence with a broken heart.

One of the traits that my mother said she most loved about me was my sense of wonder. Through my writing and photography and approach to living, I hope to honor my always supportive mother, and to encourage each of you to discover the delight, joy, and hope that constantly surrounds us and inspires us to be curious; to be bold; to learn and celebrate and live – to feel that sense of possibility that envelops us like the love of the people we most cherish, and who so dearly cherish us beyond time and space and absence.

Thank you for your patience and understanding – and as always, for accompanying me on journeys near and far.

Mom & Dad & Susan Happy


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