A is for Athens

Well, the flavors of Athens -as in Athens, Greece. And what flavors they are!

Athens GREEK Figure

When planning your next visit to Harrison, Ohio, be sure to include a ravenous stop at The Big Greek Cafe. It’s a perfect choice for families, couples and even business meetings.

Dimitri Evangelou is that personable guy behind the counter. He also happens to be the owner, who describes his menu as ‘Greek comfort food’. Certainly there can be no doubt about that! Fragrant, delicious, and satisfying – it’s like hanging out in your mother’s kitchen just in time for dinner.

Athens GREEK DE Slicing Gyro

As soon as you walk in the door, it’s obvious that you’ve come to a neighborhood place. Dimitri enjoys feeding people and has a knack for making them feel welcome. Whether picking up a carry-out lunch, or bringing family in for dinner, he knows many of his customers by name.


Athens GREEK Ordering Duo



For those folks new to the Big Greek Cafe, the menu is descriptive, but if that’s not enough information, the friendly people behind the counter are happy to answer questions about any entree, side dish or dessert.


DH Athens GREEK Dining Crowd

There’s always room for friends and family at The Big Greek Cafe – just come hungry!


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Good food made with love, heritage, and pride.

Sometimes it’s best just to admit it – no willpower can overpower the allure of that cake.



DH Athens GREEK Retail2And why not take a little bit of Athens home with you?



So come on in, have a seat, grab a fork, and close your eyes – your excursion to Athens is underway!


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