B is for Breakfast

 … perfect anytime of the day or night!

Are you looking for a great place to actually savor a cup of coffee, slather fresh jam on golden toast, experience the crisp satisfaction of perfectly cooked bacon, and cut into a stack of pancakes so delicious, you resent the fork and knife getting to it first?

The following reviews were written some time ago, but have been updated for today’s Blogging From A to Z Challenge’s Letter B. Being just a bit of a breakfast-freak, I take full advantage of every local cafe and restaurant on my travels hither and yon.

I hope you are inspired to discover your very own favorite places – and feel free to add to this list as you discover more of the best in local cooking!


Crossroads Family Restaurant

Crossroads Family Restaurant

615 w US 50, Versailles, IN 47042


Immediately following my first blog about Lawrenceburg eateries, a friend recommended Crossroads Family Restaurant. I had been there before, but had no idea that they served breakfast – and all day, at that!

Since that enlightening visit, I have devoured more than a few orders of blueberry pancakes, extra crisp bacon, and coffee.

Well, the pancakes continue to taste simply fantastic; still the kind of pancakes you dream of – hot, evenly browned, with juicy, real (not dehydrated) blueberries. These pancakes are so flavorful, there is absolutely no need or desire to add syrup. Perfect texture, well balanced flavor and generously sized; this is a breakfast worth waking up for – or not, since you can order them all day long!



Stateline Grill

Stateline Grill

55 US 50, Greendale, Indiana 47025


The very moment we entered the Stateline Grill, we experienced that classic diner ambiance complete with tile floor, friendly, cheerful service, and the comfortable din of clattering utensils, hearty conversation and sincere laughter.

Pictured above is the Hungry Man’s Breakfast. It is an extremely generous meal of three eggs,  deep fried home fries coated with an incredible seasoning, dark rye toast, crispy goetta, and biscuits and gravy. The gorgeous jumbo pancake was just a little something extra to round out the meal. Whew! Even shared between two people, this is an impressive way to start the day!

Those cooks at Stateline just know how to cook eggs perfectly, and every time I order the goetta, it arrives perfectly crisp and delicious. Everything arrives from the kitchen fresh and hot and delectable.

When placing my order, I always ask for the homemade blackberry jam. I’ve no clue as to what the secret is behind the depth of flavor, the sweetness that doesn’t impede the natural freshness of the blackberry, the ideal consistency … who knows? I’m just glad that I listened to that customer years ago who let me in on the existence of the stuff.

As for the biscuits and gravy … well, I have to say that they are still the best I’ve ever tasted. Ever. And I really did live in the South for 35-plus years. Wow. They’d put some of my dearest friends to shame … and me, too!




Additional Breakfast Destinations in Southeastern Indiana Worth A Visit:

Janet’s Restaurant, Dillsboro

The Reservation, Milan

MidTown Diner, New Point

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