D is for Daffodils

Nestled in a lovely corner of Southeastern Indiana, lies a quiet meadow,  watchful trees and a dancing creek. This is Katherine’s Daffodil Field.


Every spring, Katherine invites friends and family to celebrate the transformation of gray skies and brown grass into sunshine yellows and luscious green.

This is a hopeful place. A contented place.

It is a place for poetry and art and contemplation.


Acres of glorious daffodils burst from the soggy chill of late winter.



From bulbs thought lost, but merely hidden beneath winter’s dreary reign, comes the triumphant brilliance of another spring. Another season of renewal and change and growth.

And hope.

4 thoughts on “D is for Daffodils”

  1. Gorgeous place – meant for poetry and art and contemplation indeed. Love that the bulbs thought lost were merely hidden. Similar to many things in our lives — hidden from us, for the moment, but not lost.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy A to Z.

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