E is for Earth Day

April 22nd marks the forty-sixth anniversary of Earth Day.



I vividly remember the neighborhood parade my mother put together that inaugural year and the years after that. The street was filled with kids carrying homemade signs, grown-ups waving flags, and older siblings pulling younger ones in decorated wagons.


For the longest time, I thought my mother invented Earth Day. She was so enthusiastic! It was a big event in our house that had been preceded weeks before by conversations about the importance of saving and protecting this fragile planet, and by hours spent with crayons and markers making colorful signs – some with crepe paper streamers!

Although a lot of time has passed since that sunny April day in 1970, every year I do something to mark the day – in part for the earth itself; in part for the coming generations that should have a green and fresh and happy world in which to create their own memories.



This year, I will celebrate my first Earth Day without my mother. I will celebrate it for her and because of her.  It was her concern for all growing things; it was her respect for the earth and her deep love for others that inspired her to take action toward encouraging a healthier planet. Toward her dream of a more peaceful and thriving and beautiful world.


Please join me in doing even one little thing for this fragile blue orb that we call home.

2 thoughts on “E is for Earth Day”

    1. Thank you. My mother was a pretty cool human being. She loved all living things – and they loved her in return. I have always said that the woman could have put a stick in the ground and it would have flourished! My mother – the Plant Whisperer.

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