F is for Flashback

I am running a bit behind with posts in this A to Z Challenge, so am cheating a bit by including a smattering of photos from older posts. I hope you enjoy this mini-stroll through time as much as I have.

Obviously, I have had a lot to say about food:


The beauty and innate joy of water always calls to me:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As do the trees and glens – those special places where we can be still and quiet within:


This exercise has reminded me of the wonderful places I’ve been, but more importantly, it’s made me a little impatient to find new special places, new quiet coves, and new friendly people with fresh stories to tell.

I look forward to sharing it all with you! Thank you for reading and Following.


(Oh, and please visit my other blog, Creatzart.com , for additional flashback photos.)

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    1. Thank you. I enjoy not only the historic significance of these structures, but the craftsmanship and the aesthetics that were an integral part of each one.



  1. All that food featured here made me hungry!




    1. It’s just a shame that all of the delicious smells cannot be posted along with the pictures!



  2. Beautiful flashbacks. They made me want to pack a bag full of treats and go exploring. Thank you for sharing. donnanotdiva. Lifepainlaughter.com



    1. I’m so glad to hear that – thank you! And I love the “pack a bag of treats’ was an important part of the discovery process!
      I wish you many happy and delicious adventures!



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