G is for Guilford Covered Bridge

Until the arrival of steel bridges, most waterways were crossed by footbridge, boat, ferry, or wooden bridge. Of these, the wooden-built, covered bridge might be the most iconic.

According to National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, Parke County, Indiana takes pride in being home to 31 covered bridges – the most found in any county in the United States – but Pennsylvania can boast a whopping 213 covered bridges throughout the state.

In Southeastern Indiana, easily visible from State Road 1, rests the Guilford Covered Bridge. The adjacent roadside park named for the bridge is accessed by this 119′ long span.


Originally built in 1879 by the Kennedy family of bridge builders, the structure had to be rebuilt in 1997 after being damaged by arsonists in 1993. Today, the Dearborn County Parks Department maintains this historic bridge and the accompanying playground and picnic area.

For more information about this and other covered bridges, please click on the highlighted text above, and to enjoy more photos of this bridge and park, please visit  Creatzart.com


5 thoughts on “G is for Guilford Covered Bridge”

  1. I actually grew up in Parke County. I love the bridges in the fall. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with the exception of the 10 days a year when they have the festival. Then as a local it was just annoying to have so many people in the small county 🙂


    1. Ohhh, I understand Tourist Season. For many years, I lived in a beautiful, but increasingly well known, part of the country that met the seasonal deluge with a mixture of appreciation – tourism dollars help small communities — and with frustration – stopping your car in the middle of a winding mountain road is not the best way to look at autumn leaves!
      Having said that, I have been to Parke County for the maple syrup weekends. I have eaten too many pancakes and bought still-hot jugs of syrup.
      I am sooo guilty of being a Tourist.
      (But I have never, ever stopped my car in the middle of a road – or covered bridge, for that matter. I’m a Good Tourist!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I am also completely guilty of being a tourist as well, but hopefully I am good tourist too! I am however guilty of driving the speed limit or random quick turns with short notice 🙂


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