O is for Overlooked



It happens to all of us – this overlooking, neglecting, ignoring. Life is too busy, time is too short.

But in the rush to accomplish and do and become, all too often we forget what made living so exciting and happy and fresh …




The overlooked might be funny …


Might be lovely …


Might be silly …


Might be cool …


Might be meaningful only to one person.

But still, very important.

4 thoughts on “O is for Overlooked”

    1. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a minute to regroup, to simply breathe – but I’ve found that when I do take those little breaks, the rest of my day usually smooths out. Usually!
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.


    1. Thank you. When I feel too hectic, too rushed, too busy, I try to remember how amazing the world was when my son had just learned to walk, and we would stroll in the park. He had to stop and look at … gaze at, actually … every little blossom, every stone by his feet, every tiny bug in the dirt. Those walks took forever, but oh, what a world he showed me.


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