Q is for Quilting

Handed down from one generation to the next, quilting is sometimes considered to be an aging art or a forgotten DSC_0082laborious task.

In actuality, quilting is fresh and alive and bursting into the future. Time-saving mini-quilt kits are available, and today’s projects can be made in whole, or in part, on technologically advanced machines.


Modern designs, superior fabrics, and wide open opportunities for self expression have completely erased any lingering stereotypical images of hand sewing by candlelight.


Seek out quilt shows, like the annual Quiltfest in Rising Sun, Indiana, where these quilts were photographed earlier this month. Talk with creative and informative quilters, like members of the Sunshine Stitchers or Rivertown Quilters.

Visit your local fabric shop – not one of those mega-craft-warehouses. A real fabric shop where the employees actually make things, and can tell with one touch or a glance if that bolt of fabric is 100% cotton, or a blend.



Discover the incredible world of color, texture and adventure!



For more pictures of Quiltfest 2016, please visit;


Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Q is for Quilting”

    1. Oh, I’m glad to know that. After talking with quite a few quilters, I learned just how individual the craft is. Some women sewed everything by hand. Some used ‘long arm’ sewing machines, and some had the basic quilting done by machines, but the piecing, the applique, etc. was finished by hand.
      Every single quilter talked about the creativity; the self expression – and the friendships. What a lovely art form – on many levels.


      1. Yes I agree! I had a friend proudly show me her 15-20 handmade quilts, some of which were for her family and others I’m not even sure! What I was aware of is the beauty of color and heart that went into them. 🙂 Blessings!


  1. These are great! I love quilts, and I hope to learn how to create them one day. Another one of those things that is so time consuming, but I’m willing to bet that it’s so worth it.


    1. I really hope you do get an opportunity to make a quilt. The smaller quilt kits are manageable and less time consuming than a full sized quilt; they even include all that you need to get going. You are so creative, I imagine you’d thoroughly enjoy the process!

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