R is for Remarkable

Look into the sky and be amazed …


Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Spectacular, Albeit Obscured – The New York Times








3 thoughts on “R is for Remarkable”

  1. You know what? I think that every single time* there’s a meteor shower, we’ve got cloudy nights. It’s awfully frustrating.

    Except last August. After talking about it for 26 years, we finally caught the Perseids. Too bad it was a rather chilly night.


    1. What a shame to have the weather interfere with the sky! I’ve watched various events (eclipses, meteor showers, etc.) online – but that can never compare to the real thing. I hope you’ll have clear night skies for all of this year’s celestial events.

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      1. So do I! It’s become a bit of a running joke, actually. Seeing the Perseids last summer was great. Even though the Nordic summer nights only are dark enough for one hour.


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