Cookie Jar Adventure

Chocolate chip, sugar, pinwheel, shortbread … there are zillions of cookies to choose from when perusing a cookbook, walking into a bakery, or strolling through the local grocery store.


One of over 3,000 cookie jars on display at Grannie’s Cookie Jars and Ice Cream Parlor

Canisters ranging from the utilitarian to the ornate, quirky or perplexing, somewhere there is a perfect cookie jar for every cookie-lover – and that ideal container is probably sitting on a shelf or tucked into a corner at Grannie’s Cookie Jars and Ice Cream Parlor in Metamora, Indiana.


Just the suggestion of cookies invites happy memories of warm kitchens, fragrant trays of gooey deliciousness – oooo … that first wonderful taste. Cookies and milk are comfort food at its finest.

Still family owned, Grannie’s is an integral part of Metamora, a small canal town located in Southeastern Indiana. Open year round, this welcoming shop is the place for a refreshing cone, a hot cup of coffee, and friendly conversation.

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Even on the coldest of days, folks stop in to search for the cookie jar of their childhood. During the summer season, the historic canal boat eases past the front door and Grannie’s bustles with first-time visitors and repeat customers.

Outside there are benches and picnic tables beneath the many shade trees along the banks of the canal. With ice cream cone – or hot coffee – in hand, visitors to this friendly Midwest canal town remember to slow down a little. They being to stroll, to hold hands with their sweetheart, to share with their parents, to laugh with their children. And enjoy.

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