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U is for Unexpected

On the shelves and in the nooks of Granny’s Cookie Jars and Ice Cream Parlor, are tucked nearly as many salt and pepper shakers as there are cookie jars.


This family owned shop is as delicious to look at, as the ice cream is to eat!

How about a little turkey or duck with that?

It’s like a scavenger hunt for fun!

Enjoy yourself for an afternoon in Metamora.

I is for Ice Cream

AtoZ I2015

I apologize for being a little late with the letter H, having just posted it earlier today.

But never fear – I can assure you that I am always on time when it comes to ice cream! How can you postpone joy when it arrives as a frozen delight in the colors of dreams and the flavors of giggles?

Blog Ice Cream SprinklesYears ago, I worked with a friend (Hi Karen!!) who always bought the big tubs of store-brand ice cream for program events. I wanted to buy B—-r’s brand cartons instead, since at that time it was made with real ingredients instead of artificial stuff.

She smiled as she explained that her memories of childhood birthdays included that particular kind of ice cream – the tubs of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry – and that it made her happy to share that feeling with our participants who were mainly children.

Blog Ice Cream Talenti

Now to me, that’s what ice cream is all about –  sharing happiness, remembering love and funny times and celebrating the really good stuff – cream and sugar, artificial flavors and colors included!

Blog Ice Cream Silver Tray

Dig in and have a great time! Oh, you might want to save just a little room since July is National Ice Cream Month!