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V is for Vehicles

From the Avanti to the Pilot, Indiana has enjoyed a colorful and eclectic love affair with vehicles.


In the early 1900s, only Michigan produced more vehicles than Indiana. Many of Indiana’s car manufacturers were smaller companies, like Richmond’s Westcott Motor Car Company, or the McFarlan Motor Corporation in Connersville, or the J & M Motorcar Company of Lawrenceburg.


Certain Indiana car manufacturers’ names are immediately recognized by the general public even today:  Studebaker and Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg and Willys-Overland . These are iconic names and still incredible vehicles.



The role of the automobile in Indiana’s history is too expansive a topic to fit into one post, so look for future stories highlighting many of the lesser known car manufacturers. Many of these enterprises began as carriage works or wagon makers in the small towns and quiet communities throughout the state.


J is for Juggling

AtoZ J2015

It’s something I hear about all of the time – this idea of juggling the many parts of our lives.

Inevitably, we drop a ball here, we drop two there – yet we convince ourselves that we are capable of juggling the remaining eight while trying to bend down to gather up the rolling, slipping, escaping others.

I am a fine example of failed juggling. Here it is … 1:48AM … and I am only now writing about the letter J, after having just sent corrected tax information to my CPA. {Oh, you know she just adores me right now!}

Because my fingers allowed the TaxRecordsBall to fall, she gets to catch my early morning toss while keeping all of her spheres in the air. If she drops one or more of her own as a result …well, it goes on and on, doesn’t it?

So what if we stop juggling? What if we simply place the ClericalBall and the WritingBall and the FamilyBall and the ErrandsBall on the table – all tidy and still? We might even take a breath or two before picking each one up in turn.

How much better would our finished projects be if we could focus on the task at hand, instead of jumping up to answer the phone or go to yet another meeting? What if we could have dinner with friends and concentrate on the conversation; taste the food; notice the color of the napkins?

Of course the solution isn’t quite that easy, that accommodating. As much as we might like to think that we are juggling our calendars and kids, finances and health, it might just be that our lives are juggling us.

Certainly, very few people have the luxury of not feeling like a circus performer on a regular basis, but each of us does have options. Maybe the answer is in keeping our eye on the one ball that we most want to keep in the air – and simply do the best we can with the others. Maybe it’s not grabbing at every ball that’s thrown our way.

Maybe the real trick is in knowing what to drop, what to catch, and what to keep.