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With Plenty of Salt and Pepper!

Tucked on the shelves and in the nooks of Granny’s Cookie Jars and Ice Cream Parlor, are almost as many salt and pepper shakers as there are cookie jars. Bright and silly and odd and fun and newer and vintage and … well, there are a lot of shakers everywhere you look!


This family owned shop is as delicious to explore as the ice cream is to eat!

This certainly isn’t a ‘poultry’¬†collection!

It’s the ideal setting for an impromptu scavenger hunt!

This is a great place to enjoy yourself on a rainy – or sunny- afternoon.

Add a little spice to life in Metamora.


Vintage Baseball

Baseball – real baseball.  This is vintage baseball where the players take part for the love of the game. Where the rules date back to the late 1800s or pay homage to the WWII All-Girls teams. Where fresh air and sunshine are as much a part of the experience as the sound of a leather wrapped ball making sweet contact with a wooden bat.

This is baseball at its finest.

There are no tickets to buy. Refreshments are what you bring from home. And the souvenirs are the happy memories of an afternoon well spent.

These players are glad to play the game without swearing, without brawls, without dirty tricks. The visiting team will clap and grin and cheer on the home town guys. When any player makes an impossible catch, both dugouts applaud – as do the spectators. When a ball slips away, all of the players sigh and feel badly about the missed play – and then they get on with the fun.

There is a timeless appeal to neighbors heading out to a field with a bat and ball on a sunny day. Where players and spectators are brought together with every play and ensuing hoorah and groan.

Every club is made up of men and women who are passionate about baseball. They have an appreciation for history, a sense of camaraderie and they practice good sportsmanship.

Vintage baseball is more than a game – it’s a community experience.

For more information, please visit:

Belle River Baseball Club and the Batesville Lumbermen

Find a Vintage Baseball Club near you!

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