Cooking for Friends – Salmon Casserole

It’s hot outside. The sun is baking the grass and the sprinkler offers little more than a momentary splash of relief. This is not exactly ideal weather for cooking!



But if you have a slow cooker, there is no need to miss an opportunity to spare not only yourself, but also a friend, the misery of stirring pots and watching pans on a hot stove.

Just pop the following ingredients into the slow cooker and within a few hours you can drop off a satisfying and healthy dinner on the doorstep of someone who will appreciate a good meal and some TLC.

Salmon Casserole

1 can salmon

1 cup fresh mushrooms, chopped

1 1/2 cups fresh bread crumbs

2 eggs, beaten

1 cup finely shredded mild cheddar or Colby cheese

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon minced garlic

Lightly grease or use a disposable liner in the slow cooker. Pour the liquid from the canned salmon into the prepared slow cooker, then in a medium bowl, flake the drained, canned salmon and crush the nutrient-rich bones. Put the salmon into the slow cooker, then add all of the other ingredients. Stir well to combine.

Cook on Low for 4 hours.

Serve on toast, with rice, or on a bed of fresh greens. It’s great as a sandwich filling the next day, or easy to reheat, too.


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