Make a Mask or Two or More

We’ve all read the research. We’ve listened to the science. So we know that washing our hands, keeping (at the very least) 6 feet apart, and wearing masks over our nose and mouth are small but effective things to do to keep other people safe.

Obviously, it really isn’t about us at all. A lot like drunk driving, our health and safety is often determined by the people around us. If both of us make smart choices, then more of us will be spared the horror of this virus. If they wear a mask and we wear a mask, there is a substantially reduced chance that either one of us will pass the Sars-CoV-2 virus to the other – or to a vulnerable loved one.

So, that being said, what can you do about making a mask that will actually offer protection? A bandanna is better than nothing, but one piece of thin cotton isn’t nearly as helpful as two shop towels. Yes – shop towels. Those blue towels sold in bulk at your local DIY store or auto parts shop.

Before I go on, please note that I am not an expert in this field. I read a lot and try to verify any information I share with you to the best of my ability – but always, always do your own fact checking. Each of us is responsible for double and triple checking what we read on the internet. Come to think of it, that’s just good advice no matter where we get our news or obtain any information about anything!

So, back to masks. The link below has proven to be one of the most helpful I have found concerning reasonable do-it-yourself masks. The supplies are not expensive, and at least for now, they are easily available.

This is the link to the most recent Business Insider article where I first learned about this option:

This is the company’s website (look under Face Masks for the downloadable patterns):

And this is the Go Fund Me page for this incredible effort:

While you are making a few masks for your own family and friends, consider making a couple for the elderly couple who live next door, or make a dozen of them for your child’s school – or just hang them in your front yard, free for anyone who needs one!


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